Aromatherapy Products classified as "Mindfulness Tools"

To enhance our clients’ self-care, we provide Aromatherapy Offerings of handmade luxury products that are guaranteed to provide our clients with a tranquilizing environment, and relaxing and restorative effects and benefits. These products include luxury, handmade Soy-Wax Candles and Shea and Mango Butter based Relief Cream.

Divine Healing’s products are classified as Mindfulness Tools as they are produced to help clients strengthen their Mindfulness and Meditation practices. Our candles can be used as a tool to help clients focus during meditation (i.e., Trataka Meditation) while benefiting from the aromatic benefits. RESET, our pain and relief cream, can be used to target and decrease physical pains such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, etc. 

Divine Healing’s products are curated to help our clients understand that “You must be present (Mindfulness) to know the level of self-care you need.”-Tiffany Jones, CEO and Founder 

Divine Healing's Aromatherapy Collection

The Mindfulness Candle
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"The presentation when I receive my beautiful products from you all are delightful and always with a warm sentiment. Thank you DH LLC."
The JACE Candle
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"I love how wonderful this candle smells. Great quality product!"
Mindful Balance Candle
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"The scent of this candle is not overpowering, but very subtle and calming. It really does help reduce my stress while winding down at the end of my day."
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"I bought this product at a maker’s market after speaking with the shop founder/owner. I was very impressed by her breadth of knowledge and caring attitude. This cream is very helpful for dealing with chronic pain, working out knots, and so on! I would choose this over any other topical product I’ve used so far. It really does help me manage my fibromyalgia and neuropathy pains, and an added bonus is that it smells and feels great! Thank you so much! I will be back for more of this product, for both me and my chronically ill friends."